Ancient Continent Introduction

Ancient Continent is mobile online game which was developed by YuchGame studio, it’s a TD game, but is not same as before. Moving heroes in battle to protect the princess, this mode is rate in those normal TD game. The PVE system is that controlling your heroes to pass level one by one and the PVP system is guard your level city to earn your honor and prevent being grabbed from other players otherwise you would lose some honor. Okay, it’s a mobile multi-players online game.


– Level desgin, there is some different

In level design side, Ancient Continent is same as normal TD to lead player from easy to hard progress, but the limit of level challenge time and Food (physical?) makes the steep rising in difficulty, you can’t continue unless buy some food or waiting increase by itself, this point is very different from normal single player TD. If you want pass all [STORY MODE] levels, I’m afraid you must need buy some food or play this game from morning to night.



– Controlling is so hard in first image

In the controlling side, there are two mode of Crowd Moving or Single Moving. Some newbie players who can’t play before must feel so strange, “What am I fuck doing?”, “How can I kill those monsters?”. In normal TD, your defense units are those can’t be moved arbitrarily and just put them in some fixed position, but this TD game let you control some active heroes to run anywhere, it’s too hard to accept. It maybe make somebody thinking those RPG game like Baldur’s Gate, but in mobile screen without keyboard and mouse, is the controlling suitable or terrible? This question is only those players who played could answer.


– Cultivation system feels so complex

In cultivation system side, the hero role system is most important point and it’s different from other TD, any cultivation is out of battle. After you enter new level of battle, all of attribute of hero can not be changed. You can just run anywhere and earn Angry Point (AP) to release spell, if you want to wear some equipment which be picked up in battle, no door. There is Tower after second level, except that helpping you locating the map or assisting to defend enemies’ attacking, it can’t be moved again and can’t upgrade, tower is weakened in this game.


At same time, we can also see the shadow of traditional RPG, You must cultivate many role, every hero has complex attribute and different skill and mass props, I’m crazy, “Is it TD?!”. Of course some players love these system with complex role (card?) to get long-term self satisfaction, but I doubt they can’t endure the slow progress of battle which is different from normal cultivation game.


– Guard and Grab, hardcore game play?

The most worth point is maybe guarding your level city for PVP system. You can get some benefit from this guarding but must consider that some other players could grab your earning so that you would lost more benefit. This strategy, I felt roughly, is attractive point in this game. The most import is that at least one system can be made, a compete or cooperation relationship appears among players, it’s continued operation reason for online game.This new Guard Grab system is so inspired.


– Screen art and Music sound, so rough.

Like mostly indie game, small studio can’t make great effect in screen UI or music sound. There are few music in progress of gaming and not every monster and hero can make sound, even some spell like nirvana are silent too. The screen UI and 3D scene objects are over bright-colored to make someone throw up if watching long time. However, those art product can satisfy what the function need, it’s enough.


– Finally, big one in small studios

Overall, I rank it 3 of 5 point, if you were tired of watching for sexy girl and sameness game playing of big company, you should give them one chance to try this online TD game. If you don’t want to spend time on this low quality screen, music and low gaming vicarious feel, leave this small team away.

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