Ancient Continent Introduction

Ancient Continent is mobile online game which was developed by YuchGame studio, it’s a TD game, but is not same as before. Moving heroes in battle to protect the princess, this mode is rate in those normal TD game. The PVE system is that controlling your heroes to pass level one by one and the PVP system is guard your level city to earn your honor and prevent being grabbed from other players otherwise you would lose some honor. Okay, it’s a mobile multi-players online game.


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Ancient Continent Tech Developing

After released Ancient Continent Google Play and BlackBerry version, I felt some easier, watching the players enter game to play, in that time, there were some words to say.


When I open the blog and start writing, I don’t remember anything. I’m reading a book named Black Swan which about how to deal with highly improbable uncertainty thing, it descript a narrative fallacy for forecasting about people just interest in those successful career and man instead of those failed, even if with same tech, founder nature and same market environment.

I’m afraid we are far from real success, so dose the article or conclusion I wrote could be accepted by many people? On the one hand, I talk about tech, marketing, relationship, on the other hand, our game app is not famous or glossing absolutely, sigh, to make I can’t remember anything.

If someone lead team, complete project or event start a corporation, finally, show his experience anywhere if successfully or complain anywhere if failed. He could become a teacher or become the scorned, these two result were both looked down by me. What should I talk? After all I’m a programmer with some tech, so the neutral tech is not subjective judgment for good subject.

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