Aid the Princess and help save the Kingdom with Hero TD Ancient Continent!

Fans of Multiplayer online Role-Playing games for Android are in for a treat with the launch of an amazing new gaming experience!

Hero TD – Ancient Continent is one of the most ambitious, immersive and hardcore games available for Android for novice adventurers and veteran gamers alike.

Can the Guard Heroes help the princess resolve the crisis in the Kingdom of the Ancient Continent? What kind of story will happen between characters Ida and Gree? Will the evil and powerful BOSSes stop our heroes long match or will they march on to victory? Only the players can decide the fate of the characters, their friends and the whole Kingdom.

Hero TD – Ancient Continent includes the following great features:

  • 27 levels with three varying difficulty modes to challenge even the most hardened adventurer
  • Choose from over 12 different Guard Heroes with different skills to fit your unique playing style
  • Hundreds of different items and gems to discover and use in quests. Each one can be used in various strategies
  • Chest Mode offers a different surprise each time a player opens it
  • Different Game Modes to choose from – players can guard the city or switch to PVP mode and compete against others to defend their honor!

Hero TD – Ancient Continent is available for free download for all Android Smartphones and Tablets from the Google Play Store today. You can become a great hero and defend the Kingdom within minutes – immerse yourself in the amazing fantasy world and try and uncover all the secrets of the Ancient Continent!


Notes to Editors
Hero TD Ancient Continent was created by YuchGame Studio. For more information contact

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