Invite firends to play Ancient Continent

Invite your friends to visit and download our game to 
bind your promo code, support BlackBerry, Android, iOS system.

We’re small indie game development studio in China without any capital without any company, just with hot blood to develop game! Err… okay, in fact, we’re too small. The mobile phone game Ancient Continent is our first work for multi-players online game.

Because we haven’t any promotion resources, we started game in some platform (unavailable in China), in the first half year, we have many loyal players by game own. Now we publish a Promotion System and expect our players can help us to invite their friends to play our game and earn high reward.

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Every player will get a promo code after enter game, this code can be used for many times, so, tell your friend to visit and download our game to bind your promo code.

After your friend bound your promo code, he/she would receive a lot of useful game props, any way, just once chance to bind, now, you would get gold reward after your invited friend bought any gold package in game.

The more promotion, the more reward! We appreciate that if you do this for us, thanks.